Infant or Toddler?

I have a very active 10 month old son. He crawls like a bat out of hell when he wants to! He is a wiggle butt and will not sit still for anything, even food! He is slowly taking his sippy cup and enjoys just about every food.

But he doesn’t walk. He doesn’t “Toddle”. He has a personality like a toddler. He has an opinion on what he wears (and mommy too!). He has an opinion on what he likes and dislikes and what he wants to do and not to.

I want to refer to him as a “toddler” but technically he is an “infant”. It is so confusing because they don’t give definite definitions for any of these terms.

What would you classify my son as? An infant or a toddler?


Birthday Plans Update

Now that my son is almost 11 months old, it is time to make all final decisions for his birthday party. I was planning on having it at our house, but those plans got changed. We are now probably having it at a local community center. His baptism has also been scheduled. So now I am having his birthday party and his baptism on the same day. His theme is still the same but I did get an awesome outfit for him! It is a red romper (with matching hat) that has Lightening McQueen’s face on it. It was on sale for about $12 and I got it in size 18 month so it’s not too small.

Since I don’t have a printer yet, I need to go to a store like Kinko’s or Office Depot to print out the invitations. I need to find out the price for color, because otherwise the invitations just won’t be the same. I have been picking up small things for decorations over the next month and should be able to post more as I get a better camera.

That is basically the plans right now. I need to finalize the time and place and, of course, the menu. 🙂

Dear People Who Use Car Carts

I have a 10 month old son who I can only get to actually last shopping if I had him in the specialty Car Carts that our local grocery store has luckily let us use. I do not appreciate it when I see you have one and are doing the following things:

1) Have three kids (2 in the seat and 1 underneath)

2) do not even have the kid in it, but underneath it or walking beside it

3) Have your kid in it, but your kid is sitting backwards it and being very annoying to you because you were too lazy to buckle them in

I have done the responsible things and I have only had my son in it, and maybe some other stuff. But my son is always buckled in! We are not allowed to go anywhere without him being buckled because it is for both of our safety! I also always make sure that my son is in it because if he doesn’t want to be, I wouldn’t have the Car Cart in the first place!

I make sure to hunt the parking lot for these Car Carts because, even though I can fit less in them, it has really helped me with shopping, especially when I am trying to look at details on things. So, please, if you use a Car Cart, use it responsibly and don’t take it just because you feel like it because it is there. Think about if you will actually use it and if you don’t, leave it for us who actually do. Because if I don’t have that special cart, I get fits, cranky child for waiting too long, cranky for being backwards, and of course I will have missing shoes which lead to missing socks. So please, save us all headaches and follow the rules or don’t use it at all!


A Mom Who Likes To Keep Her Sanity When Shopping!

My Son’s Name

My son is 10 months old now. I had his named picked out since I was about 3 months pregnant. I didn’t have anything planned before. Here is his name’s story (and some fun facts).

My son has four names: Samson Edward Cheshire (and our last name). He wasn’t named after anybody in our family. He is his own person. I wanted a name for him that was easy but uncommon. I am sick and tired of all the comments on my name: “Is that your real name?” “Why did your parents name you that?” I didn’t want my son to get his name questioned. As my name is an adjective in Spanish, I am tired of all the comments on it, so I didn’t want my son to go through the same hassle as I did growing up.

I was driving home from work one day when the named Samson popped into my head. It never escaped me. I felt like he was telling me that was his name. He chose it. I played around with different names until he was born, but I knew his name was Samson from that day.

His first middle name was an old fashioned name that I loved. I wanted his name to be truly classic. Edward is a name that you don’t hear very much (in America) and it is very underappreciated. It is so classic and yet I do not see how he would be embarrassed of it later.

His second middle name is named after the Cheshire Cat. Yes, that Cheshire Cat. As in Alice In Wonderland. I knew I wanted to name my child after a Disney character but I didn’t want to name him that as his first name as it just didn’t seem right. And it would also help that I have been obsessed over Alice In Wonderland for years now.

My son has my last name because his father had said he didn’t want to claim him so I should give him my last name. I had already decided I would anyways because I thought it would be best for him.

Since my son’s father wasn’t around, I got to choose his name all by myself. 🙂 It is easier (and harder) because you don’t have anyone to truly give you feedback without criticizing it. I didn’t share my son’s name with too many people because the people I did share the name(s) with thought:

1) Samson would be teased for that name. For whatever reason.

2) That I had given him 3 names (plus last) and that I shouldn’t add Cheshire.

People are critical of other people’s naming nowadays and I am very confident and proud of the name that I had chosen for my beloved son.

I hope that this gives you an idea that your name doesn’t have to “traditional” and only have 3 names total. I also hope you don’t steer away from your personal preferences because of how I named my child.

Samson’s Birthday Present (And A Mommy Present Too!)

Samson’s birthday is coming up in less than 2 months. We have finally decided on a location and a theme has been picked for a couple of months now. I have written previous entries on this on my previous blog so I will just mention a few now and I will add more detail about the party as we go (but not too personal details!). 

His theme is Cars Junior Junction. The main colors are going to be red (like Lightning McQueen) and neon green (on the invitations and just happens to be Mommy’s favorite color). I have ordered a very special bow-tie and a matching bow for Mommy from a good friend at Magical Ribbons.

I have ordered about 3 (now four) orders from her. She is so pleasant if you message her with any questions. I have met her once and we have become friends since then. Her orders can take up to 3 months to get but they are totally worth it! She makes each bow by herself (and sometimes as help). They are reasonably priced and the cutest Disney and non Disney bows. I lover her orginalaity and especially how she is willing to help you make a customized bow. We should get them early February, just in time for his birthday! I think he will be the most charming guy anybody’s every seen!


I was not compensated for this post. I just wanted to share a great business!

I am Blunt.

I am blunt. I will use words people do not want to use out of embarrassment or because they deem it inappropriate.


I will tell my son he has a penis. Not a weenie or a ding-dong or whatever names people have given them. I was never really taught the proper terminology of my vulva because I was taught to be ashamed of it. I will not let my son be ashamed because he has a penis. He has one. It is natural.

I gave birth vaginally. When I say a “natural” birth, I mean without any drugs vaginally. I will assume you mean the same. If you do not, correct yourself because you are being too broad. I did not have a natural birth because I did have to use drugs.

I will talk about sex, if you ask. Do you ask if you do not want to know.

No, I do not masturbate. I know it is natural. But it is not for me. I do not need toys. I do not need anything.

I do not baby talk my son. I talk to him as if he can talk back. I do call him baby boy but I do not use baba for bottle. I try to emphasize the syllables because I had a speech delay ment. I do not want him to learn words and have to learn others later. 


People need to not tiptoe around things. They need to come out and say what they mean not what they think people want to hear. I do not want my son to grow up with certain words or to hide things because society does not like it. He has a penis. He hides it in public. But it’s still there. Let it be. 

Why can’t we, as a country, learn that talking about things upfront won’t hurt anything, it’ll help out youth because they will be ashamed of it. It might help out youth not be so depressed.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is almost here! My son’s first Christmas will be here in a little over a month! I cannot believe it has already been that long.

This weekend, he gets to meet Santa for the first time at our local libary. Then it’s shopping for Toys at the consignment sale on Saturday and maybe Sunday and then there is the yearly Pajamas I must pick out for him. Christmas Pajamas!

This is a tradition that started about 4 years ago. My parents bought me and my sister Pajamas for Christmas because when I was little we were allowed to open one present (chosen by mom and dad) on Christmas Eve. So, they upped it to Pajamas about 4 years ago. I was out of high school, but it was still nice to get Pajamas. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but it has now turned into a tradition. They do not necessarily have to be “Christmas” pajamas but they are still super cute anyways! I have so far 2 penguins (my favorite!!!), one green/plaid set, and a Mickey set. It is now my Son’s turn! I will have to see what I like (and what he approves of).


Do you have any traditions in your home?