Undermining Artists

When people think of Artists, they think of a guy who wear all black, a beret, bad mustache, and does not but paint a black dot on a canvas and call it art. I am here to tell you that you are wrong!

My son and I

What A Real Artist Looks Like

I am an artist. I do not like to wear black anymore. I do not have a mustache. I wear bright colors. I don’t act like I am better than other people. I actually do not prefer painting. I have never worn a beret.

People do not understand fully what artists do. We take the pictures you like to hang over your mantel and on your desk. We are the ones who make the movies, not star in them, that you like to cuddle up with your kids watching on a Family Night.

We are the people who are forgotten and so underpaid. We cannot fulfill our full potential because we are forced to focus on other jobs to pay bills and make our artistry as a hobby because people honestly think they can do it themselves.

I wish that people would give more credit to artists. We want to make a career out of what we love, but we are forced to do otherwise or becoming “starving artists”.


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