My Most Frequented Blogs

We all have our favorite blogs. These are the blogs that I visit the most (no particular order).

Magical Ribbons

Hayley has the most awesome bows that you could imagine. She makes all of her bows herself and I have ordered from her at least three times. All three were cute, prompt, and even personal (she congratulated me on my son being born). She is really good at customer service, especially returning emails when you want your bows just so.

A friend recommended her to me when I got to Disney and I have been hooked (even my son is getting his first MR bowtie soon!).

Organized Jen

I came across the Organized like Jen videos because I was looking for packing videos. I am not much of an organized person but her videos sure do make me want to be.  She has a blog that has more to do than just organizing. She also has My Housewife Life (her daily vlogs) and The Busy Bee Buzz (reviews, favorite products, and other stuff).

Her blog has a combination of all of these together. Because of this, it doesn’t get boring. And she has had many giveaways. She provides such wonderful insight views on things and still maintains a personal life.


I was not provided any kind of compensation for this post. These are my personal opinions.


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