Top 3 Pantry Staples

Everybody should have some sort of pantry staples in case you are at a lost for what’s for dinner. These are the Top 3 in our pantry. All of these are very versatile and can be used for just about any meal and diet.

1) Rice. I was born in Japan and I just love rice. My favorite is Calrose (sticky) and we use a rice maker. A rice maker is definitely worth it for any type or rice. I once even had one where it had a warmer, so the rice stayed warm after it was cooked.

2) Pasta. Pasta is a huge thing in my house. It is comes in many different shapes and flavors. They have whole wheat, egg noodles, and even some that have vegetables in them! My favorite “shapes” are macaroni and spiral. My loves loves how easy these are for him to grip and eat!

3) Bisquick®. This is more than just pancake mix. It is something you can use for just about anything! I have made pancakes, biscuits, waffles, cheeseburger pie, even breaded chicken fingers! They also have a Gluten-Free version, so everyone in the house can enjoy it! I also find it a lot fuller than other pancake mixes because you use milk instead of water.

What are your pantry staples?

I was not compensated for any reason to right this post. This is my honest opinion.


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