City Girl From The Country

I grew up in the country. I have lived there since I was about 6 years old.

I grew up living outside of a small town outside of a large city. It was enough far away to be independent but close enough to be able to go to the city. I never lived on a farm but we always had land to run on. It was nice to not have neighbors too close.

But it got lonely when I read books where the kids rode bikes with each other. Or that they could communicate with their best friend through their windows next door. It got lonely being out there.

I have lived in the city and I love it. I can drive 5 minutes to get the grocery store not 20 minutes. Even if it was 20 minutes, it wasn’t empty land. It was buildings and things that I like to look at. I visited Washington, D.C. and lived in Orlando where I could walk to my nearest wherever I want to go. I lived San Antonio and I could take the bus (though not always conveniently) anywhere I want to which helps me save gas money.

The country is a place that I would rather visit to get away from the city. I see myself wanting to go the city more and more. There is more to do and also so much to do there! If the gas wasn’t so much, I would be there everyday. We will have a city place to live. That is my dream. I want to live in a city where I can take the bus or walk to the nearest places. And only drive 5 minutes to get the grocery store.


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