Birthday Plans Update

Now that my son is almost 11 months old, it is time to make all final decisions for his birthday party. I was planning on having it at our house, but those plans got changed. We are now probably having it at a local community center. His baptism has also been scheduled. So now I am having his birthday party and his baptism on the same day. His theme is still the same but I did get an awesome outfit for him! It is a red romper (with matching hat) that has Lightening McQueen’s face on it. It was on sale for about $12 and I got it in size 18 month so it’s not too small.

Since I don’t have a printer yet, I need to go to a store like Kinko’s or Office Depot to print out the invitations. I need to find out the price for color, because otherwise the invitations just won’t be the same. I have been picking up small things for decorations over the next month and should be able to post more as I get a better camera.

That is basically the plans right now. I need to finalize the time and place and, of course, the menu. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Birthday Plans Update

  1. First birthday is super exciting! Make sure to shop around for that printing a little bit. I had wedding invitations printed a while back and some places were charging 3x what oher places were.

  2. They grow up so fast. I loved taking pics of my Sons Birthdays. When he was 18 I compiled a book of them. After the initial embarrassment he loved it. Hope it is amazing.

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