Dear People Who Use Car Carts

I have a 10 month old son who I can only get to actually last shopping if I had him in the specialty Car Carts that our local grocery store has luckily let us use. I do not appreciate it when I see you have one and are doing the following things:

1) Have three kids (2 in the seat and 1 underneath)

2) do not even have the kid in it, but underneath it or walking beside it

3) Have your kid in it, but your kid is sitting backwards it and being very annoying to you because you were too lazy to buckle them in

I have done the responsible things and I have only had my son in it, and maybe some other stuff. But my son is always buckled in! We are not allowed to go anywhere without him being buckled because it is for both of our safety! I also always make sure that my son is in it because if he doesn’t want to be, I wouldn’t have the Car Cart in the first place!

I make sure to hunt the parking lot for these Car Carts because, even though I can fit less in them, it has really helped me with shopping, especially when I am trying to look at details on things. So, please, if you use a Car Cart, use it responsibly and don’t take it just because you feel like it because it is there. Think about if you will actually use it and if you don’t, leave it for us who actually do. Because if I don’t have that special cart, I get fits, cranky child for waiting too long, cranky for being backwards, and of course I will have missing shoes which lead to missing socks. So please, save us all headaches and follow the rules or don’t use it at all!


A Mom Who Likes To Keep Her Sanity When Shopping!


6 thoughts on “Dear People Who Use Car Carts

  1. Although I have never given this much thought. But when I read you passive aggression I totally understand your frustration. Next time I will keep this mind 🙂

  2. Wow, I see those carts in the supermarket all of the time and never realized all those things about them. I guess that’s because I don’t use them when I take my grandson shopping with me. I only do it when I have no choice. It is a tough place for a kid to be stuck and have to be “good.”

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