My Son’s Name

My son is 10 months old now. I had his named picked out since I was about 3 months pregnant. I didn’t have anything planned before. Here is his name’s story (and some fun facts).

My son has four names: Samson Edward Cheshire (and our last name). He wasn’t named after anybody in our family. He is his own person. I wanted a name for him that was easy but uncommon. I am sick and tired of all the comments on my name: “Is that your real name?” “Why did your parents name you that?” I didn’t want my son to get his name questioned. As my name is an adjective in Spanish, I am tired of all the comments on it, so I didn’t want my son to go through the same hassle as I did growing up.

I was driving home from work one day when the named Samson popped into my head. It never escaped me. I felt like he was telling me that was his name. He chose it. I played around with different names until he was born, but I knew his name was Samson from that day.

His first middle name was an old fashioned name that I loved. I wanted his name to be truly classic. Edward is a name that you don’t hear very much (in America) and it is very underappreciated. It is so classic and yet I do not see how he would be embarrassed of it later.

His second middle name is named after the Cheshire Cat. Yes, that Cheshire Cat. As in Alice In Wonderland. I knew I wanted to name my child after a Disney character but I didn’t want to name him that as his first name as it just didn’t seem right. And it would also help that I have been obsessed over Alice In Wonderland for years now.

My son has my last name because his father had said he didn’t want to claim him so I should give him my last name. I had already decided I would anyways because I thought it would be best for him.

Since my son’s father wasn’t around, I got to choose his name all by myself. 🙂 It is easier (and harder) because you don’t have anyone to truly give you feedback without criticizing it. I didn’t share my son’s name with too many people because the people I did share the name(s) with thought:

1) Samson would be teased for that name. For whatever reason.

2) That I had given him 3 names (plus last) and that I shouldn’t add Cheshire.

People are critical of other people’s naming nowadays and I am very confident and proud of the name that I had chosen for my beloved son.

I hope that this gives you an idea that your name doesn’t have to “traditional” and only have 3 names total. I also hope you don’t steer away from your personal preferences because of how I named my child.


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