I am Blunt.

I am blunt. I will use words people do not want to use out of embarrassment or because they deem it inappropriate.


I will tell my son he has a penis. Not a weenie or a ding-dong or whatever names people have given them. I was never really taught the proper terminology of my vulva because I was taught to be ashamed of it. I will not let my son be ashamed because he has a penis. He has one. It is natural.

I gave birth vaginally. When I say a “natural” birth, I mean without any drugs vaginally. I will assume you mean the same. If you do not, correct yourself because you are being too broad. I did not have a natural birth because I did have to use drugs.

I will talk about sex, if you ask. Do you ask if you do not want to know.

No, I do not masturbate. I know it is natural. But it is not for me. I do not need toys. I do not need anything.

I do not baby talk my son. I talk to him as if he can talk back. I do call him baby boy but I do not use baba for bottle. I try to emphasize the syllables because I had a speech delay ment. I do not want him to learn words and have to learn others later. 


People need to not tiptoe around things. They need to come out and say what they mean not what they think people want to hear. I do not want my son to grow up with certain words or to hide things because society does not like it. He has a penis. He hides it in public. But it’s still there. Let it be. 

Why can’t we, as a country, learn that talking about things upfront won’t hurt anything, it’ll help out youth because they will be ashamed of it. It might help out youth not be so depressed.


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