My Favorite Halloween Movies

Halloween is right around the corner. My family wasn’t that big into Halloween growing up, but in the last couple of years, I have really started liking it. I like watching the movies and really enjoying dressing up (as something different each year!).

I have found a few movies this year that I have really liked. Some are more for older kiddos and some are for younger kiddos. Whichever is for your liking!

1) Tower of Terror

If you have never seen this movie, you probably should. It is based off of Walt Disney’s World attraction Tower of Terror. The main plot is about The Hollywood Tower Hotel. Halloween night in 1939, 5 people disappeared off of the elevator. No one knows exactly what happened or where they went. But there are rumors it’s now haunted. But now there is a woman who says she knows what happens…

In comes Buzzy, who needs a real story to be back at his paper. Seems like the prefect opportunity! If only he can convince the editor of the paper, who’s also his ex-girlfriend…

There are some “creepy” moments but nothing that will really make you jump. It is a good movie, although a bit predictable because it is a made-for-tv movie. This movie would be good for school-age children who can tell what’s real and not real best.


2) Haunted Mansion

This is another movie based off of a Disney attraction. The Haunted Mansion is a little newer. It is about a mansion that had lost its precious owners in a tragic love story. The Evers family has come in to, intending to sell it, but instead getting whirled into a world full of real ghosts, creepy butlers, and lots of fun! This movie is a lot less creepy than than Tower of Terror and is more fun. It is great for a family movie and is about the same age, maybe a little younger if they understand about ghosts.

3) Mickey’s Treat

This is a cute little animated cartoon from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that shows costumes, friendship, teamwork, and helping a friend who is lonely (and outcast). It is a really cute movie. It is best for the 2 years to about 5 years old, but the whole family can watch. It has two other episodes (so you’re not just buying one 22 minute episode for $10). It is cute and really makes you want to watch with the catchy songs. It is an older episode, but still as cute as nowadays. It even has a bonus episode with “Little Einstein’s Halloween”, in case your little one likes them or wants to like them.


These are all the ones I can think of right now! Well, the ones I am obsessed with. Halloween is quickly becoming more fun again with a little one!


These are all opinions of my own. I was not paid for or compensated for this post. Some links may contain affiliate links.


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