We Have Moved!!!

I have finally obtained my own domain, so we have found new hosts.


I hope you can continue to follow our journey on this new site!


I have an Associate’s Degree!

I got an email recently that says that I have now earned credit hours to have officially completely my associate’s degree in Fine Arts! It has taken me a lot to get here. I cannot say exactly what because I am trying to leave some of my past in the past. 

But I can say that my son gets to see me Graduate! My graduation will be in May and I will get more details as the semester goes on. But I did have to announce it to the world.


And on a side note, I did get a job at a local Theme Park that will hopefully last until we can move out. I have worked here before and so therefore I know people but it has been so long. I cannot say anymore, but I am excited for the next chapter in our lives!

Undermining Artists

When people think of Artists, they think of a guy who wear all black, a beret, bad mustache, and does not but paint a black dot on a canvas and call it art. I am here to tell you that you are wrong!

My son and I

What A Real Artist Looks Like

I am an artist. I do not like to wear black anymore. I do not have a mustache. I wear bright colors. I don’t act like I am better than other people. I actually do not prefer painting. I have never worn a beret.

People do not understand fully what artists do. We take the pictures you like to hang over your mantel and on your desk. We are the ones who make the movies, not star in them, that you like to cuddle up with your kids watching on a Family Night.

We are the people who are forgotten and so underpaid. We cannot fulfill our full potential because we are forced to focus on other jobs to pay bills and make our artistry as a hobby because people honestly think they can do it themselves.

I wish that people would give more credit to artists. We want to make a career out of what we love, but we are forced to do otherwise or becoming “starving artists”.

My Most Frequented Blogs

We all have our favorite blogs. These are the blogs that I visit the most (no particular order).

Magical Ribbons

Hayley has the most awesome bows that you could imagine. She makes all of her bows herself and I have ordered from her at least three times. All three were cute, prompt, and even personal (she congratulated me on my son being born). She is really good at customer service, especially returning emails when you want your bows just so.

A friend recommended her to me when I got to Disney and I have been hooked (even my son is getting his first MR bowtie soon!).

Organized Jen

I came across the Organized like Jen videos because I was looking for packing videos. I am not much of an organized person but her videos sure do make me want to be.  She has a blog that has more to do than just organizing. She also has My Housewife Life (her daily vlogs) and The Busy Bee Buzz (reviews, favorite products, and other stuff).

Her blog has a combination of all of these together. Because of this, it doesn’t get boring. And she has had many giveaways. She provides such wonderful insight views on things and still maintains a personal life.


I was not provided any kind of compensation for this post. These are my personal opinions.

Top 3 Pantry Staples

Everybody should have some sort of pantry staples in case you are at a lost for what’s for dinner. These are the Top 3 in our pantry. All of these are very versatile and can be used for just about any meal and diet.

1) Rice. I was born in Japan and I just love rice. My favorite is Calrose (sticky) and we use a rice maker. A rice maker is definitely worth it for any type or rice. I once even had one where it had a warmer, so the rice stayed warm after it was cooked.

2) Pasta. Pasta is a huge thing in my house. It is comes in many different shapes and flavors. They have whole wheat, egg noodles, and even some that have vegetables in them! My favorite “shapes” are macaroni and spiral. My loves loves how easy these are for him to grip and eat!

3) Bisquick®. This is more than just pancake mix. It is something you can use for just about anything! I have made pancakes, biscuits, waffles, cheeseburger pie, even breaded chicken fingers! They also have a Gluten-Free version, so everyone in the house can enjoy it! I also find it a lot fuller than other pancake mixes because you use milk instead of water.

What are your pantry staples?

I was not compensated for any reason to right this post. This is my honest opinion.

City Girl From The Country

I grew up in the country. I have lived there since I was about 6 years old.

I grew up living outside of a small town outside of a large city. It was enough far away to be independent but close enough to be able to go to the city. I never lived on a farm but we always had land to run on. It was nice to not have neighbors too close.

But it got lonely when I read books where the kids rode bikes with each other. Or that they could communicate with their best friend through their windows next door. It got lonely being out there.

I have lived in the city and I love it. I can drive 5 minutes to get the grocery store not 20 minutes. Even if it was 20 minutes, it wasn’t empty land. It was buildings and things that I like to look at. I visited Washington, D.C. and lived in Orlando where I could walk to my nearest wherever I want to go. I lived San Antonio and I could take the bus (though not always conveniently) anywhere I want to which helps me save gas money.

The country is a place that I would rather visit to get away from the city. I see myself wanting to go the city more and more. There is more to do and also so much to do there! If the gas wasn’t so much, I would be there everyday. We will have a city place to live. That is my dream. I want to live in a city where I can take the bus or walk to the nearest places. And only drive 5 minutes to get the grocery store.

Disney: A Word That Makes Me Cry

My dream vacation would to go back to Disney. I worked there for an internship. I got to meet Alice. I got to go on all the rides that people always talk about. I got to just about all the characters. I got to meet some good friends. And I came back with a sweet souvenir.

I think about what I am missing out on. I want to go back so badly! I was told I could move back twice since then, but those plans have fallen through. I am currently going planning (if everything goes through) to go to Disney. We are not quite sure about which Disney (Disneyland or Walt Disney World) that we want to go to. It all depends on the money.

I do own all of the movies that I can (including quite a few of the Disney Junior). I am obsessed with Disney (can you tell). But I can’t stand to see the Disney Parks commercials or my friends posts about the things that they have done at the Parks. I also can’t stand to see certain things in the stores especially if it is about travel or the rides, especially the new Fantasyland or even Carsland (because my son is obsessed with Cars). I want to be there so bad. It is where my dream job truly is because it is where you can meet other Disney fanactics.

I was told recently that “Disney is just a theme park.”

Let me tell you this:

Disney is NOT just a theme park. Disney is a lifestyle. The Disney parks don’t just have roller coasters. They have rides for everyone. They have rides for kids, toddlers, big kids, and even some roller coasters. But mostly, they have rides that parents can ride with their children, which is exactly why Walt Disney opened Disneyland in the first place. He wanted a place where he could ride the rides along with his daughters.

Disney also has Character experiences that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You can dine and your favorite characters come to your table. There are the Princesses and Mary Poppins, Winnie The Pooh, Alice, The Mad Hatter (!), the Fab Five, and many more!

The Disney Parks is an experience. It is something that you will never forget. It is a place you want to go back to every year (maybe even more). It is a destination and a place I hope I work at so my son always experiences it!